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Bullet in a bucket

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Several years ago, I listened to a presentation about awareness and observation as an essential manual therapy tool. The conversation explored how we observe the world around us both as human-animal and therapist. A seam that caught my ear was how the speaker strung native-tracking skills with circular ripples of a pond to what and how injury impacts our bodies. Looking to nature to support discovery and recovery in her creations is wisdom from previous peoples. That is an idea, right in my wheelhouse. It was the closing remark that left me curious. "Leave the 'quest' in question," he said. That idea bounced around in my head like a loose bullet in a bucket banging about just waiting to go off.

Spontaneous creativity, visual imagination in detail, and educational cartoons whirled around my headspace. (a beautiful place to sit) Conjunction-junction what's your function? A train came rumbling down the tracks with 'quest' and 'question' in tow. While an airship (cartoon image of my brain) was viewing the relationship between questions, answers, and outcomes in a treatment room. The fantastic interaction between physics, thought, and innovation. Observation of the union between masses and forces were having an impact. What is it about questions? Are there qualities of questions?

A shift in my perspective was forming. The bullet in the bucket finally went off—the train on the tracks colliding with the airship producing an inevitable explosion, becoming this word that got trapped in my awareness -questionology. Questionology, the study of questions?? What?

Are questions important?

How do we ask our questions in relation to the responses we get?

What does a particular question mean?

What is the power of a question?

May it have several meanings?

Is the question being asked to facilitate conversation or work toward a punchline?

This idea became part of my daily zeitgeist. A survey of my personal and professional spaces opened into a vista of learning and listening opportunities. It became a resource for the crafting of better questions. Ones with greater impact, while others developed better precision yielding significant change. I began to create my system of questionology application.

The then music showed up. . .

And mad boy grips the microphone with a fistful of steel

With a fistful of steel

('Cause I know the power of the question)

With a fistful of steel

With a fistful of steel

(And I won't stop 'cause I know the power of the question)

Aw shit

The power of a question - crafting better questions - requires delicate balance of weight, touch, and timing. And practice.

I have had my share of conversations and questions over the years in my treatment room. I've had countless marriage proposals and more than enough inappropriate asks. Fantastic exchanges of life experiences and personal stories far outnumber the negative ones- each an opportunity or chance to learn about a soul and their journey. I am grateful for the thousands of opportunities to explore, with clients, their path of getting to their goals. The best questions opened doors while the bad ones didn't.

Heightened awareness became fertile soil to cultivate the concept of questionology. By using the observational skills gleaned from the presentation, theory and application got employed at the same time and in real-time.