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Why I Offer One-On-One Yoga

"I signed up for this three pack of classes. They were happy to take my money, but when it came time to give me any education on what I needed to be doing or considering my health status, they weren't interested. I ended up hurting myself trying to do yoga." I hear this story all too often when I speak with a new yoga client and why it is so important to me to offer yoga in an accessible format. Yoga is mindful movement and breath. It is simple. Yoga does not necessitate a deeper lunge, a straighter back, or more muscular arms. Yoga meets you where you are at, or it should.

I find myself reminding people not to apologize for their "performance." No apologies are necessary. You are precisely where you need to be today. You are not here to perform a task or do a thing. You are here to experience your body and listen to its message.

Yes, yoga can increase your strength and flexibility. Over time, you will find asanas that used to challenge you are now filled with more breath, more ease. It's a journey to this place, and the journey is what's important.

Nicole offers 30 and 60-minute one-on-one yoga sessions tailored to your experience level, health history, and goals. There is no condition too difficult for yoga. Yoga is for EVERYBODY.


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