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     The power of ‘healthy touch’ is needed more today than ever.   Professional massage and bodywork offer support to a nervous system that requires touch education.  Our ability to establish trust through touch maximizes the opportunity to facilitate change in the healing body through clear communication.  Explore manual techniques rooted in interdisciplinary approaches that can be utilized locally or holistically.

Bodywork for PTSD 1 - 16 CE

  • Learn what PTSD is, how it lands, and what it does

  • Learn how it can be triggered and the impact it has

  • Explore the benefits of healthy touch and therapeutic applications

  • Explore the full spectrum of PTSD and what we can do to help

  • Understand bodywork's role and scope in the healing process

  • Dedicated time to practice and receive numerous interdisciplinary hands-on techniques

Bodywork for PTSD 2 - 14 CE

  • Maximize comprehension and integration with the techniques and content from the first class

  • Learn additional techniques to establish increasing trust and rapport through touch

  • Looking at restriction, resistance, and ease through interdisciplinary approaches

  • Treat specific or holistic with new whole-body protocols engineered to optimize the capabilities of the healing body

PTSD, trauma informed, bodywork, massage
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