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Drawn to yoga in her early 20's, Nicole became passionate about making yoga work for her body, breaking the mold of what a "good yogi" can look like. Using her 20+ years as a Bodywork professional and almost a decade working with patients with physical limitations,  Nicole develops movement classes that are geared toward calming you busy mind and creating space for your body to experience greater freedom. "I love to offer yoga to people who never thought they would be doing yoga and being able to watch them break through boundaries they have struggled against for years." Yoga is simply the union of body, mind, and spirit. When we purposefully move and breathe and look within, good things happen. Nicole offers traditional yoga as well as chair-assisted Accessible Yoga.

Nicole Howe, LMT, RYT
FL MA# 32379
OH# 33.025379

Matthew Howe is a professional massage therapist and educator, licensed in Ohio and Florida.   "I owe much of what I observe while treating to the thousands of guests, ladies & gentlemen, and hotel patrons I massaged while in the spa realm.  Efficiently and effectively recognizing stress-recovery cycles in the body helped me build rapport while cultivating what healthy touch means in the language of massage therapy.  To each of them, I say Thank you."
His trauma-informed approach focuses on finding solutions that work with your body.  He takes a holistic view and listens to you AND your body.  This mastered ability is how Matthew successfully treats trauma/PTSD, headaches, fibromyalgia, and anxiety through the power of healthy touch. 
FL MA# 32205  OH 33.024889

Matthew Howe teaching at the Florida Chiropractors Association Conference
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