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Your First Low Back Session with Touch Education and the Sacro Wedgy: What to Expect

Are you grappling with persistent low back pain and considering a session with Touch Education? Taking this proactive step can significantly improve your well-being, especially when combined with the use of the Sacro Wedgy—a valuable tool for low back pain relief. To help you prepare for your first low back session, let's walk through what you can expect during your visit, including how the Sacro Wedgy can enhance your experience.

sacro wedgy, low back pain
The Sacro Wedgy comes in two sizes and is available to purchase for home care.

1. Welcoming Environment: As you step into Touch Education, you'll be warmly greeted by a friendly team member dedicated to making you feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment you arrive.

2. Initial Assessment and Consultation: Your low back session commences with an initial assessment and consultation, which are pivotal to understanding your unique needs and concerns. Your therapist will listen attentively as you describe your low back pain, its duration, and any specific challenges you face. Open communication ensures a tailored session designed to address your goals.

3. Review of Medical History: Your therapist will also review your medical history to gain a comprehensive understanding of your health and any relevant conditions. Providing accurate and detailed information ensures the most effective treatment.

4. Discussion of Goals: During the consultation, you'll discuss your goals for the low back session, including how the Sacro Wedgy can play a role in your treatment plan. Whether you seek pain relief, improved flexibility, or a better understanding of your condition, your therapist will collaborate with you to establish clear objectives.

5. Choice of Techniques, Including the Sacro Wedgy: Touch Education offers a range of therapeutic techniques to address low back pain, including the innovative Sacro Wedgy. Your therapist will recommend suitable approaches based on your assessment and goals. The Sacro Wedgy, in particular, is a specially designed tool that provides gentle yet effective support to the sacrum, promoting relaxation and pain relief.

6. Gentle and Effective Treatment: Your low back session will incorporate gentle and effective treatment methods, including using the Sacro Wedgy. Your therapist will use appropriate pressure and movements to alleviate pain and tension in your lower back. You'll be encouraged to provide feedback throughout the session to ensure comfort.

7. Body Awareness and the Sacro Wedgy: Part of your therapy may involve increasing your awareness of your body, posture, and movement patterns, with the Sacro Wedgy playing a role in supporting proper alignment. Learning how to prevent future low back issues and maintain a healthy back is a significant aspect of the session.

8. Post-Session Discussion: After the treatment, your therapist will discuss the session's outcomes and may offer recommendations for self-care practices, which may include the use of the Sacro Wedgy at home. These suggestions will empower you to manage and prevent low back pain effectively.

9. Gradual Improvement: Low back pain relief and improvement often require multiple sessions, especially for chronic conditions. Consistency and patience are essential as you work towards a pain-free, healthy back during your sessions at Touch Education and while using the Sacro Wedgy at home.

10. Empowerment and Self-Care: Your therapist at Touch Education will equip you with the knowledge and tools to take control of your low back health, including guidance on using the Sacro Wedgy for ongoing self-care. Embrace this opportunity to reclaim your well-being and maintain a pain-free lifestyle through regular self-care practices.

In conclusion, your first low back session with Touch Education, combined with the innovative use of the Sacro Wedgy, is a powerful step toward alleviating pain and enhancing your overall quality of life. With a compassionate and skilled team to guide you, you can expect a personalized treatment plan designed to address your unique needs and goals. Embrace this opportunity to take charge of your low back health, and remember that ongoing self-care, including the use of the Sacro Wedgy, is your pathway to lasting relief and well-being.


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