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We are honored to team up with:

  • AMTA- American Massage Therapy Association

    • State Chapters and National Convention

  • FSMTA- Florida State Massage Therapy Association

    • National Convention Local Chapters

  • Massage Schools 

    • States we've been: PA, TN, FL, OH, GA

    • States we're willing to go: the rest of them

  • Premiere DAYSPA

  • FCA - Florida Chiropractors Association


We support and train in:

  • Local and chain massage clinics

  • Spas - all sizes and locations

  • Individual therapists offices

  • Non-profit groups

  • Charity organizations




We will work with you ~

 Touch Education started with and continues grassroots efforts of going on the road and teaching classes that we organize and put on as a result of someone reaching out to us.  Much of our success has come from connecting with people that need help or would like information about what we do.  Once a connection has been made the relationships grow, often turning into our continuing education classes coming to new cities, states, and internationally.


 We will work with your organization ~

Relationship seeds sprout into opportunity to work in conjunction with others.  Touch Education has partnered with a full spectrum of partners to facilitate classes in a range of facilities and settings.  We often work with massage schools, massage organizations- both regional and national, independent clinics, and individual therapists.  We offer classes for nearly any setting from large industry conventions, conference spaces, and cruise ships to private clinics, outdoor spaces, including the ocean.  It is putting the 'we' back into wellness.


We would enjoy a conversation

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