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Dynamics of ICST

Dynamics of ICST


8:30 AM

January 26, 2024


5:30 PM

Sunday, January 28, 2024


The Reiki Center for Healing Arts

1540 West 5th Avenue, Columbus, OH, USA

This three-day class is the second level of Integrative Craniosacral Therapy. Attending students build upon the Foundations class with tactical use of the rhythms and tides of the craniosacral system and critical pieces for treating the head.

Topics include:

* Review of Touch Education's 3-key Axioms to the therapeutic process
* Osteopathic techniques that address more delicate structures
* Enhanced palpation, assessment, and treatment techniques
* Skillful use of rhythms and tides for full body assessment and global treatment
* Break down the therapeutic use of stillness and resistance
* Dedicated time to integrate new topics with practiced protocols

Dynamics of ICST offers the attentive learner an immersive educational setting to explore the integration of touch and facilitating release on deeper levels.
Unlock the full potential of your craniosacral therapy practice and take your skills to the next level with Dynamics of ICST!




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