Matthew Howe, Licensed Massage Therapist

Classroom demonstration in Costa Rica

Presenting at the Florida Chiropractors Association Conference

Matthew Howe teaching at the Florida Chiropractors Association Conference

Matthew Howe is a Licensed Massage Therapist with a practice in Winter Park, Florida. He also holds an active massage license in the state he is from, Ohio.  His massage therapy career began at the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy (CFSMT) in 2000.  Treatment of injuries and the experience of working in a chiropractic setting filled Matthew's early career.  He brought his clinical approach to the luxury spa arena, finding the real value in his work—helping others through the power of touch.  The Greenhouse Spa located in the Portofino Bay Hotel (Universal Studios) led to a decade with Ritz-Carlton and opening the Spa at Shingle Creek.  
     "I owe much of what I observe while treating to the thousands of guests, ladies & gentlemen, and hotel patrons I massaged while in the spa realm.  Efficiently and effectively recognizing stress-recovery cycles in the body helped me build rapport while cultivating what healthy touch means in the language of massage therapy.  To each of them, I say Thank you."

Matthew's passion for helping others learn their body was fostered by becoming an instructor at his alma mater, CFMST.  His teaching range reflects his broad experience. Salude Per Agua- health through water or SPA and Hydrotherapy are classes rooted in understanding how the body recovers and heals.  Teaching pathology sharpened Matthew's clinical mind while reinforcing the role massage therapy can play in life's quality.
The union of practice and educating has led Matthew to help people human better whatever the setting.  His trauma-informed approach focuses on finding solutions that work with your body.  He takes a holistic view and listens to you AND your body.  This mastered ability is how Matthew successfully treats trauma/PTSD, headaches, fibromyalgia, and anxiety through the power of healthy touch.  Welcome to Touch Education.

Your journey towards resiliency and recovery begins with a simple question:  Are you here to feel better, get better, or be better?

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