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Touch Education Workshops

Enhance your massage practice with our specialized workshops. Elevate your skills, empower healing, and make an impact through the power of touch.

November 4, 2023

3600 Laketon Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15235, USA

Participants will learn to anticipate & treat triggers of PTSD episodes, understand their role & scope of practice in the healing process & get hands-on time with techniques in instructor- monitored sessions.

January 26, 2024

1540 West 5th Avenue, Columbus, OH, USA

Three-day class on the second level of Integrative Craniosacral Therapy.

December 9, 2023

3600 Laketon Road, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Learn how to facilitate change in low back issues, including sciatica & piriformis syndrome. Unlock the cranial base & reduce stress.

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